Upcoming retreats

candleFollowing our recent September retreat in London, the next London retreat will be held in February 2019 (dates will be confirmed closer to the time).

In the meantime, several retreats are happening internationally as follows:

12-16 October : Retreat in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Please contact kyrgyzstan@sufischool.org for details.

2-4 November : Retreat in New York City, USA. Please contact northamerica@sufischool.org for further details.

5-6 November : Retreat in Toronto, Canada. Please contact canada@sufischool.org for details.

13-18 November : Retreat in Bargoub, Tunisia. Please write to tunisia@sufischool.org for further details.

29 November-3 December : Retreat in Singapore. Please contact singapore@sufischool.org for more information.

15-19 December : Annual retreat in Ahmedabad, India. Please write to india@sufischool.org for details.

13 January 2019 : Shaykh will visit Melbourne, Australia. Please contact australia@sufischool.org for details.

14-19 January 2019 : Retreat at The Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, New Zealand. Please write to newzealand@sufischool.org for further details.