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The Khaneqah in New Delhi

In January 2001, the Shaykh of the order, Hazrat Azad Rasool opened a new Khaneqah in New Delhi, India

Traditionally, the Khaneqah is a gathering place and living quarters for travelers on the Sufi path. It is a place where members of a Sufi Order can stay, devote themselves to their practices and studies, and find guidance in the company of the Shaykh and fellow travelers.

For the opening of the Khaneqah, the Shaykh invited murids (students) from all over the world. Those who attended the opening stayed at the Khaneqah for two weeks, during which time they received intensive training from the Shaykh. All the students who attended this meeting agreed that it was a very powerful and special event.

The opening of such a Khaneqah, specifically for students who normally reside outside India, has long been a goal of the Shaykh. In the past, students who traveled to visit him in India had to stay at hotels or else make their their own arrangements for accommodation – a far cry from the spiritual ambience of staying in a traditional Khaneqah in the vicinity of the Shaykh of the order.

Since the initial opening, there have been additional trips to the Khaneqah. It is now open to students who wish to make the journey to India to learn Sufi practices from a Sufi teacher.

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