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The secret of life and its purpose is the attainment of self knowledge and God realization. This is the birthright of every human being. To reunite ourselves with God we must first become aware of our own conditioning and wake up to the fact that we may be living our lives blindly as if in a dream.

To awaken from this spell, we must activate the hidden powers that lie dormant within the ourselves and make them operative in our daily lives. The Technique we use consists of a special form of Meditation (muraqaba) involving a process called ‘Transmission’ (nisbat). Through this practice of Meditation we can attain intuitive insight which enables us to begin to see all things in their true perspective.

It opens up a new way of thinking, freeing us from our anxieties and fears and in its place we gain a greater sense of happiness and tranquility. This freedom empowers us to experience positive feelings and thoughts towards ourselves and with it the power to love others. It will reveal the powerful inter-relatedness of human existence and the universe and show us the way back to God.

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Hazrat Azad Rasool

Hazrat Azad Rasool

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