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Naqshbandi, Mujaddidi, Chishti, Qadiri & Shadhili practices

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Sufi School is a non-profit charity involved in creating awareness about Sufism and providing authentic Sufi teachings to sincere seekers.

All the teachings are given free of cost and students are not charged for attending our weekly gatherings for teaching, mentoring, discussions and group practices.

Our activities are carried out through voluntary donations. We request you to donate generously to support our work. Any amount of donation to help us to continue this good work will be appreciated and thankfully accepted.

Use PayPal to send a donation to the School of Sufi Teaching. You can also add a payment reference.

If you don't have a PayPal account, use this link to make a donation via credit card.

Wire transfer
For transfers in the UK (in GBP) use the details below.

Name: School of Sufi Teaching
Account Number: 11397222
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International transfers
Preferred option for cheap international transfers: Send money to our WISE account.

WhatsApp Guidelines

Please find below some guidelines on how to use the official SOST WhatsApp chat.

Content guidelines
  • Information: SOST news, announcements, requests, meetings at zawiya, invitations, outings etc.
  • Support: call for prayers & duas, help etc.
  • Inspiration: spiritual quotes, saints, excerpts (please see point 1 of general guideline)
General guidelines
  1. Please ensure that any “Inspiration posts” are grounded in our shared practice. Posts should be limited to grand and well known shaykhs and reputed books. Nothing from living shaykhs or anything which may be controversial or sectarian.
  2. Please try to share a manageable number of posts at any one time so important announcements do not get lost in long threads.
  3. No good morning or assalaamu alaykum messages that do not contain any other substantial content.
  4. Please strictly avoid any deviation from the stated objectives of the group. Posts will be monitored by the admin and if any posts are found to deviate from the objectives of the group the sender will be asked to delete it. If you are not sure if your post complies with the guidelines please check with the admin first.
  5. If any members have any issues with a post, please bring it to the attention of the admin at the first instance.